Target World's Range Fees & Memberships


Target World’s ranges are open to the public. Customers who shoot infrequently are welcome to use the range on a pay as you go basis.

All customers are required to read the range rules and sign a liability waiver. Once done, customers are issued a liability waiver card that does not expire. Liability waiver cards must be presented each time a customer comes to the range.  The card costs $3.00. 

Eye protection is $1.99 (yours to keep). Ear protection is provided free of charge for your safety and convenience


NON-MEMBER RANGE FEES: Two may share a lane without additional charge.


$9.00      Handgun Range for half-hour

$16.00    Handgun Range for one-hour

$10.00    Rifle Range        for half-hour

$18.00    Rifle Range        for one hour

For those customers who may shoot more often, Target World offers two options: 


If you want to save on range fees, but are not sure if an Annual Membership is for you, our Range Multi-Pass is a good option.  For just $59.99, you get a pass good for ten ½-hour range sessions for the pistol range.  The pass can also be used on the rifle range with a $2 upgrade charge

per session.  If you later decide you want to purchase an Annual Membership, we’ll credit $20.00 to the membership cost if the membership is purchased before the Range Multi-Pass expires. 



Our annual membership is more than just a range membership; although it can easily pay for itself with just range savings.  If you intent to use the range a little more than once a month, annual membership can pay for itself with just range time fees.  If you intend to purchase merchandise, the Target World annual membership pays for itself even faster.


Annual Members Get The Following For One Annual Fee:


  • Get everyday special discounts on many categories of merchandise.

    • 10% ammunition.

    • Holsters, optics, most shooting supplies discounted 10%.

    • Range targets receive a 25% discount.

  • Annual members may bring unlimited guests to share their lane without any additional charge for the guest shooter.

  • Get unlimited range time when there is no waiting list. Relax and never worry about watching the clock. The one exception where we limit range time is when we have a waiting list.

  • Members get early access to select promotions, allowing them to get first choice of hard to find merchandise at special pricing.

  • Most merchandise is discounted 10% every day. Some categories are not included such as guns, safes, and reloading.

  • Annual members may call ahead to reserve a lane. We also expect to be able to allow annual members to reserve lanes online soon.





  • $250.00     Single

  • $275.00     Family; spouse and children under 21

  • Special rates are available for businesses, police departments, and security companies.


* The annual membership price is a one-time fee good for a full year which covers all range time for shooting on the pistol range. Annual members can also use the rifle range for an additional $2.00 per visit.


MON - THU: 11 AM - 7 PM

FRI - SAT: 10 AM - 9 PM

SUN:  11 AM - 6 PM



Closed on Thanksgiving & Christmas


Close at 5:00 PM on Independence Day (July 4th), Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) & New Years Eve (Dec 31st)


Open Noon - 7 PM New Year's Day


2300 East Kemper Road

Cincinnati, OH 45241


PH: 513-772-3343

FAX: 513-772-5113