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Advanced Firearm Training


The primary goals of this course are firearm safety and long gun operation. This course is ideal for first time long gun shooters who want a review of the fundamentals or as a great refresher for someone who has been away from firearms for a while. 


The course is only $50 for 1-1/2 hours and includes everything (guns, ammo, targets, range, liability waiver card, and eye and ear protection).  As a special offer, the class can be purchased for $45 in-store with the purchase of a firearm in the same transaction. You are welcome to bring your gun or use ours. 


These are semiprivate lessons offered the 4th Saturday of each the month from 7:30 – 10:00 AM.  Because the class size is small (12 students), you must sign-up and pay in advance.  Our instructors are NRA certified.  Students will be shooting an AR-15 Variant, AK-47 Variant and a Shotgun. 


By taking this course, you should come away with the following:

  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of marksmanship (stance, grip, sight). The ability to accurately hit a target at ranges up to 25 yards.

  • Understanding of the differences between the different types of long guns.

  • How to properly operate the different types of long guns.

  • Understanding of the safety aspects when dealing with firearms.



See our TRAINING CALENDAR page for upcoming classes, or you can eMail us, or call  513-772-3343


To book a training class online, visit our ONLINE STORE TRAINING CLASS page


MON - SAT: 11 AM - 7 PM

SUN:  11 AM - 6 PM




Closed on Thanksgiving & Christmas


Close at 5:00 PM on Independence Day (July 4th), Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) & New Years Eve (Dec 31st)


Open Noon - 6 PM New Year's Day


2300 East Kemper Road

Cincinnati, OH 45241


PH: 513-772-3343

FAX: 513-772-5113


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