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AR-15 Style Rifle Training

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Learn everything you need to know to get off the ground and running with an AR-15 style rifle. This class is designed for the beginner shooter or for shooters that simply want more formal training. Students wishing to bring in rifles other than an AR-15 please understand that we will only be covering the AR-15 platform. There are many parallels of this system that relate to other platforms such as the AK-47 and Bullpup designs. Any specific questions related to these other platforms will need to be covered in a private instruction class.


Cost: $79.99
Payment is required in advance to reserve your place in the class. You must be age 18+ to attend this class.


Class Day/Time: Saturday morning 9:00 to 1:00 PM (see Training Calendar for specific dates)

• Four rules of firearm safety
• Safe storage
• Terminology and operation
• Ammunition selection
• Accessories for AR-15 style rifles
• Basic field stripping, inspection, and maintenance
• Ballistics


• Demonstration of proper range safety rules
• Fundamentals of rifle marksmanship
• Zeroing an AR-15
• Basic standing position engagement
• Practice live fire loading and clearing procedures


Equipment Requirements (What to Bring):
You can bring your own AR-15 style rifle (unloaded and in a case) or, if you do not have an AR-15 style rifle, you can use one of our rental rifles. You must purchase our ammo if you use a rental rifle. Rifles and ammo are NOT PERMITTED in the classroom. Keep them in your vehicle until the class goes to the range. • 60 rounds of target/range ammo • Pen and paper to take notes • Appropriate clothing (no sandals or low-cut tops) • Ear/eye protection, or you can borrow ours


Instructor: Sasha Martin is an accomplished shooter and serves as a Cavalry Scout with the Army National Guard.


Safety: No compromises here – this is the most important part of our classes. If you violate a safety rule during the class, your training is over.


MON - SAT: 11 AM - 7 PM

SUN:  11 AM - 6 PM




Closed on Thanksgiving & Christmas


Close at 5:00 PM on Independence Day (July 4th), Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) & New Years Eve (Dec 31st)


Open Noon - 6 PM New Year's Day


2300 East Kemper Road

Cincinnati, OH 45241


PH: 513-772-3343

FAX: 513-772-5113


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