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Target World's Range Fees 

Range Fees
Range Multi-Pass

Target World’s ranges are open to the public. Customers who shoot infrequently are welcome to use the range on a pay as you go basis.

All customers are required to read the range rules and sign a liability waiver. Once done, customers are issued a liability waiver card that does not expire. Liability waiver cards must be presented each time a customer comes to the range.  The card costs $3.00. 

Eye protection is $1.99 (yours to keep). Ear protection is provided free of charge for your safety and convenience


RANGE FEES: Two may share a lane without additional charge.


$9.00      Handgun Range for half-hour

$16.00    Handgun Range for one-hour

$10.00    Rifle Range        for half-hour

$18.00    Rifle Range        for one hour

For those customers who may shoot more often, Target World offers another option: 


If you want to save on range fees, but are not sure if an Annual Membership is for you, our Range Multi-Pass is a good option.  For just $59.99, you get a pass good for ten ½-hour range sessions for the pistol range.  The pass can also be used on the rifle range with a $2 upgrade charge

per session.  


MON - SAT: 11 AM - 7 PM

SUN:  11 AM - 6 PM




Closed on Thanksgiving & Christmas


Close at 5:00 PM on Independence Day (July 4th), Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) & New Years Eve (Dec 31st)


Open Noon - 6 PM New Year's Day


2300 East Kemper Road

Cincinnati, OH 45241


PH: 513-772-3343

FAX: 513-772-5113


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