Weight: Approx. 845 lbs

Dimensions: 18x32x25

Fire:  Not rated

Lock: Manual combination lock

SN: E112205

Shipping:  Not Included in price.  See notes below.


Description: High security commercial TL-15 rated burglary safe.  This is a previously owned business safe which is reflected in the price.  The interior has a locked compartment which requires two different keys to access the contents.  Good for situations with shared access.  The exterior is a black textured finish.  Note that the paint on the top of safe is faded and there is a chip on the top left corner and one on the back left corner (see images).  Door swings open from the left.  If you would like to view the safe, visit the store and ask one of our staff.


Note that shipping outside the Cincinnati Tri-State area is not available at this time and shipping is not included in the purchase price of the safe.  This is a heavy safe that is not easy to self-move and install.  We recommend using Pete’s Safe and Vault (513-200-1730) for local and regional moving and installation.  Alternately, if you would like to pick-up the safe at the store for self-delivery, we will assist you with loading onto your vehicle/trailer.


If you have any questions, please call our Safe Department at 513-772-3343 or send us an email at safes@targetworld.net.

Diebold TL-15 Rated Commercial Burglary Safe



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